Hot and spicy pickles, jams and sauces

Banana Habanero

Winning Great Taste Award 2 stars for 2009 and 2010 and 3 star gold winner for 2013, this is the one everyone is talking about, unique secret recipe that took 4 years to perfect. Mr Vikki’s Hot banana with fresh … Continued

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Chilli Jam

A best seller. Great to use instead of a ketchup or relish, in sandwiches, in a stir fry or as a marinade, the list goes on!

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XXX Hot Chilli Jam

Wow! This is a tribute to Mr Vikki’s multi-award winning Chilli Jam but for those who like it hotter. If you are one of Mr Vikki’s loyal Chilli Jam fans, then you’ll enjoy this! Just with a bit more va va voom!

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Hot Stuff Sauce

Mr Vikki’s original chilli sauce, made with 50% scotch bonnet chillies and fresh mango for a luxury fragrant hot chilli sauce. For those that like hot stuff!

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King Naga

An 8 chilli rating, full of flavour probably the hottest natural chilli pickle in the UK.

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Lime Pickle

Authentic tangy and fresh lime pickle with a hint of chilli.

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Queen Naga

If you like it hot the Queen Naga is for you!

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