Chilli Jam

A best seller. Great to use instead of a ketchup or relish, in sandwiches, in a stir fry or as a marinade, the list goes on!

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Herdwick Brambleberry Gin

Herdwick Brambleberry Gin is inspired by the berries that grow on the Lakeland Fells, home of the Herdwick sheep. Alcohol: 21.4% by volume. Available in 3 bottle sizes – 500ml, 200ml and a 50ml miniature.  

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Kendal Mint Cake & Vodka

Kendal Mint Cake & Vodka is a fine, smooth vodka drink. A delicious, luxurious blend of Vodka & Kendal Mint Cake created in Kendal, the gateway to the English Lake District. Alcohol: 21.4% by volume. Available in 3 bottle sizes … Continued

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XXX Hot Chilli Jam

Wow! This is a tribute to Mr Vikki’s multi-award winning Chilli Jam but for those who like it hotter. If you are one of Mr Vikki’s loyal Chilli Jam fans, then you’ll enjoy this! Just with a bit more va va voom!

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Hot Stuff Sauce

Mr Vikki’s original chilli sauce, made with 50% scotch bonnet chillies and fresh mango for a luxury fragrant hot chilli sauce. For those that like hot stuff!

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Lakes Gingerbread & Vodka

Lakes Gingerbread & Vodka is a delicious, luxurious blend of Vodka & Gingerbread, created in the english Lake District by Mint Drinks Company. Alcohol: 21.4% by volume. Available in 3 bottle sizes – 500ml, 200ml and a 50ml miniature. So, where did … Continued

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Claire’s Handmade Blackberry and Apple Jam

The simple blend of gorgeous dark, sweet blackberries and sharp Bramley apples makes every morning a celebration of flavour. This jam is perfect for warming and spooning over pancakes or waffles. Transforms a steamed sponge when added to the bottom … Continued

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King Naga

An 8 chilli rating, full of flavour probably the hottest natural chilli pickle in the UK.

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Pennington’s Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur

Created in 1990 from an original recipe, Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur is the brainchild of Mike Pennington, owner of Burgundys Wine Bar & Brewhouse in Kendal who took inspiration from the legendary Kendal Mint Cake. We invite you to enjoy … Continued

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Claire’s Handmade Beetroot with Ginger Chutney 200g

Voted Best Preserve in the North West! The addition of chopped ginger at the end of cooking really lifts the earthiness of the beetroot allowing the great flavours to shine and gives a warming feel to fight the winter blues. … Continued

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Claire’s Handmade Cherry Berry Extra Jam

A three fruit extravaganza. The delightful combination of cherries, strawberries and raspberries makes a delicious jam perfect for scones, hot buttered toast……or even as a topping on your favourite cheesecake.

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