White tea and rose perfume
Bath House White Tea and Rose Perfume

A floral fresh perfume that sparkles and dances on the skin, created with crisp fragrant notes of cut green stems, white tea and roses, infused with a tumble of crushed thyme, hyacinth and flirtatious musk. Made from 100% natural alcohol, … Continued

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Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Shave Oil

A concentrated blend of natural essential oils perfect for an ultra close shave, whilst eliminating razor burn. This blend of oils, with a rich masculine, woody fragrance, effectively moisturises during and after shaving, leaving skin nourished and toned. An effective … Continued

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Sedbergh Soap Company Lavender Bubble Bath 500ml

A generous 500ml bottle. Extremely gentle natural bubble bath for those who like a good old fashioned soothing soak in the tub. Free from harmful additives, chemicals, perfume and other unnecessary stuff. Not just dermatologically tested – we test all … Continued

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Bergamot, Lime and Black Pepper Hand Cream

The essential oil blend in this really rich hand cream is very refreshing, light and clean-smelling. Its moisturising elements are incredibly rich……..a little goes a long way. Blends similar to this were used by the ancient Greek nobles for their … Continued

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Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Rose Soap

This blend of oils is both relaxing and uplifting with the sweet, fresh, floral scent of Geranium and the slightly spicy, tropical ‘edge’ of Ylang Ylang. Mixed into this olive oil soap with Rose Oil, it’s both decadent and seductive. … Continued

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Sedbergh Soap Company Lavender Hand and Body Wash

A stylish clear soap dispenser with black pump. This gentle liquid soap made with natural ingredients and is 81.98% organic too. A traditional mild lavender scent – a must for lavender lovers.

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Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Bath Soak

A Bath House favourite, this bath soak is the perfect ingredient for an ultimate bathing experience. Immerse in the classic Spanish fig and nutmeg fragrance, with added extracts to soothe the skin, and to stimulate body and mind. What extracts … Continued

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Lavender, Rosewood and May Chang Hand Cream

This formula is packed with rich, creamy Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil to soothe and soften your skin. Avocado Oil helps to heal skin cells and added Beeswax will protect your hands from further moisture loss, so you won’t … Continued

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Lavender, Rosewood and May Chang Soap

Made almost entirely of olive oil, this soap is hard and long-lasting, but with a rich, moisturising lather – ask the Spanish, they’ve been making it for centuries, they just call it Castile Soap. It has an updated twist to … Continued

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Sedbergh Soap Company Lemongrass Hand and Body Wash

Sedbergh Soap is locally made using 100% pure essential oils and natural herbs. It contains no harmful additives, artificial colours or perfume and is ideal for sensitive skin. This hand and body wash is lemongrass fragranced and comes in a … Continued

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Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Body Wash

Created to cleanse, refresh and revive both body and hair, with a perfect blend of extracts to soften and moisturise the skin. What extracts does it contain? Fig Milk – Known for its restorative benefits to the skin Glycerine – … Continued

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Geranium, Yland Ylang and Rose Hand Cream

This really rich cream for the hands has the clean, fresh scent of Geranium blended with Ylang-Ylang and Rose oils to give a sweet, but slightly spicy and tropical scent reminiscent of summer evenings. A particularly decadent scent – tropical … Continued

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