Kendal Mint Cake & Vodka


Kendal Mint Cake & Vodka is a fine, smooth vodka drink. A delicious, luxurious blend of Vodka & Kendal Mint Cake created in Kendal, the gateway to the English Lake District.

Alcohol: 21.4% by volume.

Available in 3 bottle sizes – 500ml, 200ml and a 50ml miniature.

So, where did the idea for Kendal Mintcake Vodka originate?
Well that is a story in itself, you can choose whether or not to believe it….

The story goes that when a new licensee moved in to The Punch Bowl at Barrows Green, Kendal he was searching through the loft rooms and found a box of very old letters and notes, dating back to 1855.

Upon sifting through these letters and notes, he found what appeared to be a recipe, written on cloth and much grubbier and poorer condition than all the other the letters, in the same envelope was a hand written note stating
“Found in Barrows Green Cave,1855, Mint Vodka Blend”

If you google “Barrows Green Cave” and click on the top result, it will take you to an article published in The Westmorland Gazette in 1855 and again in 2005, which explains how Barrows Green Cave was discovered and quite possibly, how this recipe was discovered.

What is even more interesting is Kendal Mintcake wasn’t created until 1880,
Was the famous confectionary bar first created by mistake when someone was attempting a brew of Mint Vodka? We will never know…

What we do know is the Licensee took the recipe, deciphered it, and managed to create the delicious, luxurious spirit drink that is now making available to you.

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